October is Healthy Lung Month! Show Your Lungs Some Love with Salt Therapy

Did you know October is healthy lung month? Every minute of every day, your lungs and respiratory system let oxygen from the air into your body, which allows it to eliminate carbon dioxide. The oxygen your lungs takes in also makes its way into the bloodstream, where it’s then able to circulate through the rest of the body. So if we think about what we are breathing, don’t we want it to be the healthiest it can be for our system?
Salt Therapy
Your lungs work hard, and they are one of the most important organs in your entire body. In honor of Healthy Lung Month, make a resolution to take better care of them. Practice respiratory hygiene by visiting us at Himalayan Hideaway Salt Cave for a 45-minute salt therapy session. The special pink salt in our cave is incredibly absorbent, which helps it attract and remove allergens and pollutants that may be hiding in your respiratory tract.

The dry salt that is infused into the air during salt therapy also stimulates the body’s internal cleansing process for the respiratory system. This ultimately strengthens this critical organ system by removing built-up foreign particles responsible for various respiratory ailments, like asthma and COPD.

This history of salt therapy for treating respiratory conditions and illnesses goes back for centuries. In fact, it is believed that Hippocrates suggested using steam from salt water to alleviate respiratory issues as far back as the 4th century B.C. There were no over-the-counter meds to choose from back then– just minerals of the earth!

This month, show your lungs some love and breathe easier by visiting our salt cave! We would be happy to provide further information about salt therapy and how it can provide noticeable respiratory benefits.