Trouble Breathing? Try Salt Therapy to Breathe Easier

People who have trouble breathing often ask me how long it takes to experience the benefits of salt therapy. If you struggle with a respiratory issue like asthma or allergies that leaves you with labored breathing, you may be anxious to find something to help you find relief, and you may be wondering about the benefits of salt therapy.

experience the benefits of salt therapy

The answer, like so many things in life, is that it’s different for everyone. Some factors that can affect how quickly you notice the effects of salt therapy include:

  • Your lifestyle, including how active you are, whether or not you smoke, etc.
  • Your current diet (i.e. dairy can cause sinus issues and sugar is an inflammatory)
  • The environment where you live and work (exposures to mold, heavy metals, pollutants, etc. play a significant role)
  • Certain health conditions

The only way to discover benefits and potential results – and ultimately begin to feel better and no longer have trouble breathing – is to experience a cave session. Many of the people who come to the salt cave notice results soon after their visit, if not immediately during their session. Try to take a mental account of how you feel during the therapy session, how you feel after, and how long any results last.

Some people say their sinuses open once they are in the cave for a few minutes, while others say it takes longer. If you are someone who has trouble breathing, come and find out what a difference salt therapy can make.