The Story of Our Himalayan Salt Cave Was Recently Featured in Innovation Quarter!

The Story of Our Himalayan Salt Cave Was Recently Featured in Innovation Quarter!

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Recently, the story behind Himalayan Hideaway Salt Cave was featured on the Innovation Quarter website, which focuses on stories relating to economic growth and building a vibrant community. Our Himalayan salt cave recently celebrated six months of operation here in the Winston-Salem, North Carolina area, and this feature was the perfect way to mark this significant milestone.

In the article, our owner and founder, Chrissy Klunder, talks about why she started Himalayan Hideaway Salt Cave and her path to becoming a successful entrepreneur. One of the reasons why our Himalayan salt cave has been so successful up to this point is because of her participation Forsyth Tech’s Small Business Center Launch Challenge, which is a program run twice a year that rewards people for their new business ideas. Although Chrissy wasn’t one of the top finalists, she credits the institution for helping her gain the knowledge base needed to open and run a business.

Up to this point, many people from throughout the area have visited our Himalayan salt cave, and while some boast familiarity with halotherapy, many are new to the experience. Halotherapy is a holistic wellness technique that allows salt to clean the airways and lungs of mucus, bacteria, and other impurities. Many of our visitors report that after just one session, they feel better both mentally and physically.

We do group bookings for our salt cave and our tea room, so you can come solo or with a group of friends. To book your next visit or to find out more about the many benefits of visiting our salt cave, contact us today!