A Hideaway Experience

Salt Cave

Salt Cave
All sessions are 45 minutes and begin at the top of the hour. Please arrive 10 minutes before start. The Cave accommodates multiple unrelated guests per session. Appointments required.

Individual Adult Adventure:
$40 / 45 minutes
Return Trip Pass:
3, 5 or 10 sessions / $115, $180, $360, respectively
Save money by purchasing sessions in bundles
Cave Dwellers:

Unlimited visits $200 / month
Great for people looking to address specific issues by getting consistent, regular treatment and boosting their immune system.

Tribe Expedition:

Private Cave Rental – $200 per session
Take others on your trek! Gather with your crew for a unique activity, team building or a wellness excursion.

Tea Room:

All of our guests are given complimentary time in our Tea Room (up to 45 minutes) where we have cozy seating, warm foot detox domes and complimentary tea and water. If you are doing a Tribe Expedition and plan to bring your own drink and/or food for your group, there is a $10 surcharge.

The Hideaway Hut

hideaway hut

Get an “in & out” salt treatment with power of the Cave in less time! Hut sessions are for one person and can be done in less than 10 minutes. By appointment as available.

Wilderness Visit:

$15 / 10 minutes

The Woodsman:

Unlimited visits $99 / monthly

Infrared Sauna

Infrared sauna

Sweating is a natural way our body is able to rid toxins, but the infrared sauna can also help with better sleep, improved circulation, reduced inflammation, weight loss and more! The sauna can accommodate up to 3 associated guests per session.

Beginner Heat:

$20 / 15 minutes

Steeped in Serenity:

$35 / 30 minutes

Power Perspiration:

$169 / Unlimited Monthly

Double Detox


If you want to combine your visit to have Sauna & Salt, it is recommended to have the sauna treatment prior to your salt therapy session. The infrared sauna will open your pores, and then the salt particles will rejuvenate your skin during your salt session.